Could be that farmers without fertilizer? Moreover, if the artificial fertilizer factory that does not have dipasaran. Pasti akan becomes massive news in the media. "Fertilizer rare, rare fertilizer" they yell while giving opinions and conclusions that memojokkan government. Government that does not becuslah, koruplah the government, and many more statements that make the government fire beard.

Not only the government that blameworthy in this case, many parties who participate in the share of fertilizer scarcity. Ranging from the provision of raw materials, fertilizer factory, the distributors, farmers, and certainly as a government regulation and control distribution.
Farmers at this time is very dependent on artificial fertilizer is also very wasteful in the use of fertilizer in the field. Manure waste can reach 60% due to the use of fertilizers that are not comparable. The facts on the ground to prove (2003) recommendation that the urea fertilization on rice anaman at 300-350 kg / Ha. This number increased three-fold from the previous dose in the year 1970 is only around 100-150 kg / Ha.
The use of synthetic N-excessive efficiency also reduce P and K and the negative impact such as to provide interference pests and diseases. Besides that, the land that requires the use of fertilizers which increases every year. A more severe impact in the use of inorganic fertilizer is to be ground is broken (the use of excessive and ongoing akan cause menjdi hard ground), tercemar water, air pollution occur, and disturbed the balance of nature.
Why do we have to raise the roof with the problem of artificial fertilizers which clearly detrimental and destructive nature of farmers? Why do we not learn from the history of our forefathers with the success of their farming planting without using chemical fertilizer factory-made? Ayolah, we can depend on the farm without fertilizer factory that made the day the price soar. Back to nature kerennya language. Hehehe ...
Be Farmers respited

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